Ok, I’ll admit it – I write all of these simply to make myself happy.  (I asked my therapist, and she says it’s an excellent way to express myself.  Either that, or it’s a nice guarantee that I’ll be coming in to see her for a loonnng time still.)  And it turns out that it makes me even happier to be able to put them on shirts and wear them in public.

But, look – now you can do it, too!

I’ve put a few of my favorites up at cafepress, which is, admittedly, not the best online print shop, but it’s fairly inexpensive and it’s not too hard to set up the shop.  PLUS I’ve set the markup to 25 cents on everything in the store.  (Why not make them free?  I have a quarter fetish.)


And, remember – I’m not just the owner, I’m also a client:



One thought on “Swag!

  1. Femme Fairy Godmother says:

    This might be my favorite one yet.


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